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He did this because Daniel, whom the king called Belteshazzar, was found to have a keen mind and knowledge and understanding, and also the ability to interpret dreams, explain riddles and solve difficult problems. Call for Daniel, and he will tell you what the writing means.’
Daniel 5:12 (NIV)


When going to a school, were you a child or and adult? It could be saying that you need to relearn something. Pay attention to what was going on in your life during that period of time at school. What were you learning, and not necessarily what you were studying? If you are just going into a school it is talking about learning something. If you are going back to elementary school then there are probably some basic things you need to learn or relearn. If it is university, maybe it is talking about some advanced things. In the school you could be the teacher or the student. As a teacher you may be teaching the elementary things even though you want to teach the more advanced things. Maybe you are in school and you are not learning or teaching, but there are other things in the school that you have observed. Pay attention to those things because it could be those things that you need to learn.


In Ecclesiastes chapter 3: it says that to everything there is a season and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven. God created seasons to divide our year. Since there are four seasons in a year God will use seasons in a dream to depict His message to you. 

WINTER in real life it is cold. In a dream it would tend to represent hardship or tribulation or trials that you may be going through. God could be showing you what is to come. It could also represent times of struggle in your life that you are going through. If it is snowing then that could represent times of refreshing or purification. It could be positive as well as negative.

In SPRING things grow and blossom. It could mean that God is causing you to become more fruitful in your life. You could be coming into a season of productivity. This could be spiritually, your job or your career.

SUMMERTIME is usually hot and the most enjoyable time of the year. It could represent a period or rest and relaxation. God is showing you that He is bringing you into a place of rest. Also, there are certain fruit that grow only in the summer. God could be showing you that you are about to produce a harvest or fruit in your life.

AUTUMN leaves fall off the tree and it is beginning to get cool. God could be showing you that you are coming into a season of spiritual pruning. He is removing negative things from your life to make room for the new. So, God will prune so that we will produce more fruit in our lives. It can be a season of preparation for new growth. It comes just before the winter so it can represent transitions. God is showing you that you are going through a season of transition from one season to the next.


shoes2 web.png

How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace,   who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’  
Isaiah 52:7

Feet in a dream can represent bringing the gospel of peace. Feet can also represent your walk or your calling and it can represent your journey in life as well. Being barefooted in a dream could represent humility or God’s presence because you could be walking on holy ground. It could also mean that you are not prepared in the negative sense, or even walking in the flesh. Shoes can therefore represent your walk with God, your calling or purpose. 
There are things that could happen to shoes in dreams. Untied shoes could indicate not being secure in what God has called you to do or what your purpose in life is. It could also represent unpreparedness.  The colour of the shoe is also important in the dream. Wearing pink shoes, God could be encouraging you to walk in love more. The colour pink can represent love. Ephesians 6 it talks about shoes representing being prepared with the gospel of peace. It can talk about being prepared for evangelism and walking in peace. Shoes are also just practical preparation to be able to walk out what it is that has been given you. Pay attention to detail, are they the normal shoes you would wear, are they construction boots that have really good protection? Are you wearing sandals when you feel that you should be having hiking boots or tennis shoes? The type of shoes and if they fit the situation can have specific meaning. If you have a shoe on that don’t fit, maybe they are too small for you. Maybe you are trying to fit into something that’s not really what you are called to. You have seen yourself as too small but you really have something bigger to walk in. The shoes you are putting on is maybe too big for you. Could it be that you are trying to do something beyond your capacity? It could also mean that it is something that you are going to grow into. It could be positive or negative. Maybe the shoes have a very specific meaning. What if you are wearing somebody else’s shoes? That could be an invitation for you to have greater understanding or greater empathy for that person. Maybe you are given the shoes of somebody famous. It could mean that you have been called to walk in a similar calling.  
There are three reasons why we wear shoes. We wear shoes to cover our feet, protect our feet and to strengthen our gate, our walk. We also wear shoes just for beauty. What can different shoes mean in a dream, what is the symbolism?

There are different types of shoes in dreams.
HIGH-HEELS could be positive or negative. Positively it could represent spiritual elevation or promotion that is coming your way. Negatively it could indicate self-promotion. Being on stilts in the dream would represent the same thing.
PLATFORM shoes could indicate that God is giving you a platform concerning your ministry or purpose.
LOAFERS could represent the meaning of the word, loafer. Such a person tends to waste a lot of time doing nothing. God is letting you know not to be idle and to use your time more wisely.
SNEAKERS AND RUNNING SHOES tend to represent preparation for spiritual training. It is also associated with exercising as well. It could speak of exercising the gifts and the talents that God has placed on the inside of you. 
 can all indicate your spiritual walk in your journey that will be very comfortable and that you will do with ease.
BOOTS protect the feet and the legs. It could represent you standing firm in the things of God. Military boots would represent preparation for spiritual warfare. Rain boots could represent blessings that is coming your way. Negatively rain boots can represent trials. Wearing Ankle boots, the ankle is support for the foot, could represent that God is giving you strength to walk in your calling or your purpose in life. God could be giving you strength to move forward.
BALLET SHOES would represent the grace of God. Walking in God’s grace. 



sickness web.png

Sickness can be literal or symbolic. If God shows you or someone's sickness it is a warning that the person need healing literally or spiritually. There is different sickness that can appear in a dream. 

A HEART ATTACK attack is talking about emotions because the heart is the seat of our emotions. It could represent unforgiveness, bitterness, pride and resisting the will of God. It could represent an attack that is coming from the enemy where the dreamer is being attacked in his emotions. The enemy could be bringing depression, fear or sadness. A heart attack can represent heart ache or a broken heart. It can also represent sin. It could be showing that the dreamer’s lifestyle could lead to death in the physical or spiritual. If you see someone sick in your dream, God is calling you to pray for that person. 

With HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE you could be experiencing stress or you are under too much pressure in your life. You should lean on God for a solution. 

With DIABETES the person has a problem with their blood sugar levels, going high and not being able to control it. The dreamer is taking in something that seems good or even Godly but is actually having a negative effect on the dreamer. The dreamer is receiving bad information, wrong doctrine or the wrong advice. 

Having a HEADACHE. The head represents your thought, your way of thinking and your emotions. It could be painful memories that are negatively affecting your life. It could also represent mental issues that the dreamer is struggling with. 

PAIN could be occurring in different areas of your body. Pain in the leg could represent an issue that is stopping you from progressing. Pain in your arm, or broken arm. Your arm could represent strength, carrying your purpose or even carrying others. There could be an issue in your life that could be zapping your strength. It could prevent you from carrying out, word play carrying, your vision or purpose in your life. Pain in your hands could represent a painful issue that is stopping your from doing the work of the Lord or completing a particular project. One of the meaning of hands could represent works or doing something. It could represent something that is hindering you from helping others. Stomach pain could represent an issue of the heart or the spirit so the dreamer could have emotional pain or heart issues. 

VOMITING could have a positive or negative meaning. Positively, God is purging you of toxic issues. Negatively it could represent spiritual or heart issues.

DISEASE in real life can be contagious. There are negative issues in the life of the dreamer that could affect other people. It could be a spiritual issue that has affected an entire group like a church, a ministry or even a family. God wants to bring healing to that group or remove the issue.  


If you dream that you are using your RIGHT hand or you are doing something with the right side of your body it would represent what you have the strength and faith to do. For example, if you are doing something with the right hand, God has given you the strength and faith to do it. Right also represent right standing with God, walking in righteousness or going in the right direction. It can represent a place of authority and honour. 

LEFT represent something that you were born to do. It could represent natural gifting. In the negative, the left can represent weakness or walking in the flesh. It can also represent being carnally minded. It can represent unbelief. Jesus said that he would separate the sheep from the goat and the goat would be on the left-hand side. 

NORTH tends to symbolise the place of Gods throne. If you are heading north in the dream it could indicate that you are moving towards God. It could mean that soon you will be having a throne room experience with Him. It could also represent spiritual inheritance. In the negative sense, moving towards the north it can represent coming into a place of judgment. 

Moving towards the SOUTH tends to represent a place of testing and trial. It being a hot place, heat represents trial and tribulation and a hard time in life. It could also mean moving away from God. If you live in the south and the dream shows you going south then God could be bringing you back to your place of origin. It could represent a place of restoration. 

EAST tends to represent the presence of God. The Garden of Eden was eastward of Eden. It could represent the dawning of a new day. It could also represent God’s glory rising.

The WEST is where the sun sets. It could indicate that something in your life is coming to an end. That could be positive or negative. It could also represent God’s glory departing. The things that you are doing in your life could be leading you away from God’s glory. 


Dreams can fall into several categories. You can have healing dreams or prophetic dreams, spiritual warfare dreams or soulish dreams. When God created man, he made him spirit soul and body. Those three dimensions have three dimensions also. The body consists of flesh, bone and blood. The soul consists of mind, will and emotions. The spirt consists of the conscience, wisdom and communion. The conscious is our moral compass telling us right from wrong. We have communion with the Holy Spirit by way of our spirit.


God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.’

John 4:24


How can we tell the difference between a soulish dream and a dream sent by God? Soulish dreams will consist or involve personal desires. Soulish dreams will have scenarios that centre around the dreamer’s desires or emotions. For example, you could see yourself driving the car you desire that you cannot afford. This would be a soulish dream because you can’t afford but it’s something that you always wanted. God would not show you something in a dream that would cause you to get into debt. Also dreams that would cause you to become very emotional, like getting very angry at someone in a dream. You could also become very sad which could be a soulish dream. Such dreams tend to violate scripture. An example is when a dreamer, who had never been married, sees herself marrying a man in her church that was already happily married. That would be promoting adultery. 


Sound will have importance to the meaning of the dream. 
 would tend to warn us of something or it could be calling attention to something. An alarm clock could represent the need for the dreamer to wake up in some area of their life. It’s like a wakeup call. It could be a reminder to start or complete a particular task in their life. A smoke alarm in a dream will warn us of fire. Negatively, fire can represent destruction in the family life of the believer. The dreamer could be involved in something that is threatening to consume them. You need to pray and ask God to show you what is threatening to bring destruction in your relationships. A house alarm would alert the resident in a house that someone is breaking into the house. It could mean that the enemy coming to destroy family relationships or into the heart of the dream, to destroy their way of life or thought life. 
could mean that God wants you to spend time in prayer with Him. Dialling 999 could represent a call to intercession or help. If the phone rings and you recognise the other person on the other side, God is showing you that this person need prayer. 
Hearing RAIN
 falling on the roof could have a positive or negative meaning. Positively it can represent blessings, showers of blessings. Negatively it can represent trials or tests. 
BOMBS OR EXPLOSIONS could mean explosive or devastating news that the dreamer has received or will receive. It can represent an explosive situation that the dreamer is being warned of. It can represent a time of judgment that is coming from God. It could mean that the enemy is attempting to bring destruction in the life of the dreamer. Positively it can represent an explosion of Holy power like a revival. An ATOMIC BOMB could represent a powerful move of God. 
 could represent a warning or a call to attention. A doorbell could represent a call to pray and seek a closer relationship with Jesus. It could represent an opportunity that has come to the dreamer and they need to take advantage of it. 
KNOCKING ON THE DOOR could mean that Jesus wants a more intimate relationship with the dreamer. 

MUSIC tends to represent worship and praise. It can represent a season of joy. Instrument can have significant meaning in the dream. For example, a trumpet in a dream could represent a warning of something to come or it could represent a change of season. 


Streets can represent a journey, the dreamer’s life purpose or what lies ahead in the future. It depends on the scenarios, for example crossing a street could represent a change in perspective on a particular issue. It could also represent a change of actual location.
Walking down the
MIDDLE OF A STREET can represent walking in the centre of God’s will. If you have a dream and you are heading downtown or you find yourself downtown of a particular city that too can represent that you are in the centre of God’s will. Such a location tends to be the centre of the city.
could mean that you are going in the wrong direction. You are going against the traffic; you are going against the will of God. If it is a dark street, that could represent obscurity, not being able to see clearly to where you are going.
SWIMMING DOWN THE STREET could represent that you are flowing in your life’s purpose, since swimming represents moving or flowing in the things of God. It could also mean that your life calling could take more effort. In other words, swimming takes more effort than walking. 
Coming to an INTERSECTION IN A STREET has the same meaning as coming to a crossroad in your life. It is a time of making an important decision or choice to go in one direction or another.
ROAD BLOCKS can represent a delay. It can be positive or negative. If God is causing the road block it is because he is causing a delay in your life because it is not the right timing for a particular action. The enemy could be causing the delay attempting to stop you from moving forward in your life’s purpose. Sin can also cause a road block in your life. If you are caught up in traffic it could be that you are caught up with things in this world.
HIGHWAYS are similar to street. It can represent taking Gods pathway because high, as in up, could mean moving towards God. It can also represent a broad road or path meaning like the way of the world.
Street dreams would tend to represent movement, some movement aspect in your life which would pertain to your calling or your life’s purpose. If you have a dream in which you are hitchhiking or someone you know is hitchhiking down a street or highway it could represent the dreamer’s dependence on others to get where they need to get in life.

Stuffed Animals


stuffed animals web.png

Stuffed animals in a dream can have a positive or negative meaning. There is a difference in dreaming about stuffed animals and real animals. 

They can BRING COMFORT TO THE DREAMER. If you are holding onto a stuffed animal that you had when you were a child, this could represent attempting to find peace, calm and comfort in your life. Maybe you are experiencing stress in your life. 

It could be SOMETHING THAT IS FAKE BUT APPEAR TO BE REAL. Some dreamers have dreamt that they are taking care of a cat or dog only to find that it is a stuffed animal. This could represent a person in the dreamer’s life who is not as genuine or real as the dreamer thinks. 

It could be SOMETHING THAT SEEMS INNOCENT AND NOT HARMFUL. The dreamer is holding something in both hands or involved in something that is innocent and pure. 

It could REPRESENT A DEMONIC SPIRIT. There have been dreams where people are holding or hugging a stuffed animal and suddenly the animal bites them or attacks them in some way. This would represent a demonic attack. 

It could represent AN ATTACK FROM A PERSON IN THE DREAMER'S LIFE. The attack could be verbal. 


sun moon stars web.png

The elements of the universe can have a significant meaning when it comes to dreams. 
 can represent the glory of God and it can represent the father or Jesus. The sun can also represent something new as in the rising of the sun. A sunrise could represent a new beginning that is coming in your life or a new revelation. It can also represent the dawning of a new day or a new revival. The sun can represent resurrection. 
 reflects light and therefore can represent the church in that it reflects the glory of God. The church brings light into a dark world. The moon can also represent Christians. 
STARS can represent Christ and Christians in leadership. They can represent angels. A falling star can represent a demonic force or a fallen angel. It could represent a Christian that has fallen from God’s grace for example a backslider. It depends on the context of the dream. 


The time of day is an important element in a dream. If it says seven o’clock or eight o’clock it is speaking a message in a dream. 
SUNRISE is the beginning of a new day. In a dream it would mean the dawning of a new day. The breaking of a day would represent breakthrough. 
SUNSET is the end of a day. In a dream it represents the ending of something or something coming to a close. It could be the ending of a relationship or trials or seasons of tests. It could represent death.
LOOKING AT THE TIME could be looking at a clock, your watch or cell phone. The time of day would be speaking of the actual number. 
AM OR PM the dream might show that it is 12 midnight and not 12 noon. Midnight could represent a dark time of trials or tests. It could also represent judgment or breakthrough. 12 noon could be order in your life. God is aligning things in your life putting things back in order. Three pm could represent prayer. Three am could speak of a time of miracles. 

Sun Moon Stars


Tools will depend on which tool you are using and how you are using it and in which context it is being used. In general, they can represent spiritual gifts, spiritual works and works of the flesh, in others words doing things in your own flesh and not relying on God. It could also show things that need fixing or repairing. 
 is used to drive nails into something. Nails can have a positive or negative meaning. Nails can represent words which could be positive or negative. The hammer could represent the Word of God, driving the Word of God home. Driving home a point or implant the Word of God in the life of someone else. Negatively a hammer could be used to force someone to believe what you believe. 
 is symbolically similar to a hammer, attempting to implant an idea or way of thinking in the life of someone else. A screw in a dream could represent a stronghold. A stronghold is a negative way of thinking that goes contrary to the way God thinks. It could have a positive or negative meaning.
A DRILL will have the same meaning as a screwdriver.
A SHOVEL could represent trying to bring something to the surface. It could also mean digging deep into a certain issue to uncover truth. It could mean digging deeper into your past. It could be something that is hidden in your past that you are trying to surface so healing could come to your life. It could also mean going deeper in God or preparing your heart to receive the Word of God.
 is used to turn up the ground. It prepares the ground for planting so it can represent a powerful ministry that is making preparations for a harvest. This would involve evangelism. It can represent something ground breaking. It could be a business idea, or money-making venture.
LAWNMOWERS are used to trim our gardens to make them neat. It would represent spiritual grooming. It could also represent a harvest ministry.
PLIERS are used to pull things out like nails. It could represent pulling out certain negative thoughts, negative habits or ideas. 
A SAW could represent cutting off negative issues or relationships. It could represent the Word of God. 
A FLASHLIGHT could represent God himself, the Holy Spirit or the Word of God. God could be exposing something in your life that has been hidden. 


An example of a tree comes from Daniel chapter 4 where a tree is cut down. It says that the tree was Nebuchadnezzar. This tree represented him, more specifically his leadership, and his capacity to rule. A tree often represents a leader or his leadership. That is a common theme. People or a group of people are referred to as trees not just leaders. Trees can talk about righteousness. 


And provide for those who grieve in Zion – to bestow on them a crown of beauty
instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendour.
Isaiah 61:3

I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a luxuriant native tree,
Psalms 37:35

A TREE ON FIRE is showing that the dreamer is being consumed by trials or the dreamer is on fire for God. 
LEAVES ON A TREE is showing the dreamer is productive, making progress or flourishing in life.
NO LEAVES ON A TREE represent barrenness, unproductive or not making progress in life.
FRUIT ON A TREE could represent productivity, producing spiritual fruit. 
FENCED IN TREE could represent God’s protection.
TREE NEAR A FAMILIAR BUILDING OR HOME can represent the people in the house or the people associated with the building. 
SEEING A FAMILY TREE OR ANCESTRY could mean that God is showing this to the dreamer to fix something in the dreamer’s family.
UPROOTED OR CUT DOWN TREE could represent a person or ministry that is being cut off. It could represent the judgment of God. The person, ministry or family line is being cut off. It could also represent the death of something. 
CUTTING DOWN A TREE could mean that the dreamer is removing obstacles or removing generational issues. 
SEEING A GROVE OR ORCHARD could represent the kingdom of God, church, ministry or business. 



A dreamer had a dream about a turtle. It was the sole image of the dream. He heard a voice ask him, ‘Did you know that turtles can fly?’ It sounded like to voice of an angel to him, ‘If you remove the shell, little by little then the turtle will fly.’
What does a turtle do? What does a turtle do when it is afraid? It goes into hiding, it goes into its shell, and it becomes a recluse for protection. God was saying, little by little he is going to remove the shell. As He removes the shell of protection then you will be able to fly. Flying represents moving into the things of the Spirit. God was saying to stop being a recluse, stop trying to hide and not be seen. You need to remove this shell that is protecting you and as soon as you get healing and remove this shell then you are going to start learning to fly and do things in the spirit. 
The writer compares this turtle dream to another. His son was being trained to see in the realm of the spirit. In church one day he told his son to see a picture of an animal over a person’s head. The boys point out a turtle over a person’s head so they went and spoke to the man. He explains to the man that he feels that all of his friends have gone way ahead of him and have accomplished great things, but God is saying that if he stay the course he will eventually win the race and that he will beat some of his friends. The man was convicted of it and wept.



About 60% of our dreams will involve some sort of a vehicle. They get us from one location to the next. They get us to where we need to go. You should also look at where you are in the vehicle. Are you driving the vehicle, are you a passenger? These questions are important to interpreting the meaning of the dream. If you are driving the vehicle it means that you are in control. The dream is all about you. If someone else is driving and you are a passenger in the dream then the dream is more about them and you are going along for a ride. You can also have a dream where you are observing someone else driving and you are not in the vehicle at all.

What does it mean when you are in a vehicle or driving a vehicle in your dream? You get in a vehicle to get from where you are to where you are going. Sometimes they mean ministry but sometimes it’s just about your natural job. You need to look at the context. Maybe your boss is in the car or other people that you work with. It could be talking about something more natural than ministry. What if you dream that it is your car, the type of car is not important, it’s just the fact that it’s your car. It’s just talking about what it is that you're doing to get to where you're going. In dreams you are going to give more meaning to things that are different than they are in waking life.


CARS in the dream denotes movement. It denotes speedy progress. Dreaming about cars relate to your destiny. Dreaming about driving a car signifies progress, it signifies total concentration and attention, and it signifies financial blessings, fulfilment of destiny, stable blessings, achieving your breakthrough.

You need to pay attention to the type of car. If you are in a sports car it could be saying that things are going to be moving very fast or there is high performance that is going to be working at a very high level, whether it be in your work or ministry. A convertible in a dream could indicate a negative meaning and a positive meaning. A negative meaning could mean no protection, no covering or it could indicate authority issues at church or at work. A positive meaning could mean that you are driving your purpose under an open heaven which is a clear line of communication between you and God. Maybe the colour of the car would have meaning. Maybe it’s an armoured car which says that you’ve got protection, that there is protection from the environment that you're in. An old car could represent old ways of thinking or being behind times or not having caught up to what God is doing in your life.

MORTOR CYCLES represents the same thing as sport cars.

Maybe you are in a JEEP which says that you're going to be able to go off the normal paths, that you're not going to be going in the same way that everybody else goes, that you're going to be able to forge your own path to get to your destiny, or maybe be able to take a shortcut or a different way of getting there.

VANS AND BUSES represent church ministries. The type of bus is important. If you are on a school bus that could indicate a teaching ministry or a church where you learn spiritual things.  If you are on a city bus it could mean that you are involved with a church that will have a city-wide impact. A greyhound bus could mean that you are involved in a ministry that will have a nationwide impact. This is something you are doing that is going to affect more people.

Maybe it’s a PLANE which could have more meaning, because it goes much further than a car. An aeroplane could mean that you are souring and going to a new spiritual height. They could also represent large ministries that moves in the things of the spirit.

A BICYCLE in a dream can indicate a purpose or a project that takes effort to operate and to keep balanced.

Driving a TRUCK could mean that you are involved in a larger ministry than a car. If you are driving an 18-wheeler that could indicate a huge ministry or purpose.

BOATS also represent church ministries. It could be a ministry that influences many people. The ocean or large bodies of water could represent masses of people. A row boat would have the same meaning as riding a bicycle.

TRAINS are vehicles that go straight to their purpose. They travel on tracks and cannot deviate off its path. If you are driving or travelling in a train it could represent large ministry that goes straight to its purpose.


Walls can have a positive and a negative meaning. 
A wall can represent a place of PROTECTION
. God is showing you that he is protecting you and you don’t need to worry about your current situation.
As a form of STRENGTH
, leaning on a wall could mean that God is encouraging you to lean on Him.

In that day this song will be sung in the land of Judah: “We have a strong city; God will appoint salvation for walls and bulwarks. 
Isaiah 26:1

BULWARKS are defensive walls. God could be showing in a dream that you are in a place of safety, security or salvation. 
It could be a BARRIER to the enemy or it could be a barrier to the things of the spirit. The dreamer could have put up a barrier to protect his heart from hurt. This could cause a hardened heart to the spirit. 
. The dreamer need to pray for themselves or someone else. The expression to turn our face to the wall means a time of prayer and intense intercession. 

1 In those days Hezekiah was sick and near death. And Isaiah the prophet, the son of Amoz, went to him and said to him, “Thus says the Lord: ‘Set your house in order, for you shall die and not live.’ ” 
2 Then Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall, and prayed to the Lord.
Isaiah 38:1-2

It could represent SEPARATION OR ISOLATION. God is calling the dreamer to a time of consecration. He wants the dreamer to come aside and spend more time in prayer and fellowship with Him. 
It could represent HIDING
 from view. The dreamer could be hiding from others or certain problems. 
WRITING ON A WALL. Writing or seeing words on a wall could represent a prophetic word or Words from the Lord. The word could be positive or negative. If they are hurtful and demeaning, they are not from God.


Water can represent the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, cleansing and even times of refreshing.


To make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word,

Ephesians 5:26


It talks about how the Word of God cleanses us and purify us.


Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.

John 7:38


What does different bodies of water mean in dreams? 

OCEANS AND SEAS. The ocean is the largest body of water there is. That would tend to represent humanity. Seas can also represent a place of punishment. An example is how Pharaohs army drowned in the Red Sea.  

The RIVER unlike the sea and ocean is water in motion. This would represent a move of God’s Spirit. If you dream about a river it is showing that there is coming a move of His Spirit. 

If you are in a WATERFALL or looking at a waterfall that is water in motion. That would represent an outpouring of God’s Spirit. 

A LAKE would represent a harvest field. People goes fishing in lakes and fish tend to represent people in dreams. It could also represent evangelism. 

STREAMS, CREEKS AND BROOKS are small bodies of water that are in motion. They tend to represent the same thing as rivers but on a smaller scale. Streams can also represent ministries. 

PUDDLES tends to represent a deposit or an anointing from God that is coming your way. 

A COVE is a small body of water that is surrounded, but not completely, by shelter. Bodies of water in dreams can also represent churches. It could represent a church or ministry that is sheltered by God. 

GLACIERS are frozen water. It is actually a frozen river. God could be showing that love has grown cold in your heart or hard heartedness. It could represent no compassion or even resisting the things of God. If you are in a boat and you hit a glacier God could be warning you not to become in-compassionate to those around you.

Diving into a SWIMMING POOLS could mean going into the deeper levels of God.

FLOODS can be positive or negative. It can represent destruction or judgement. Floods can also represent revival. 

DRINKING WATER represent times of refreshing that is coming your way. 

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weather2 web.png

RAIN can refer to refreshing and righteousness. It can talk about what God’s plan is. It could be talking about the presence of God being released. Negatively it could be talking about the rain of wickedness. It could be talking about a dirty or defiling rain. 

WIND could be the wind of adversity, a wind that brings judgment. Positively it could be the wind of the Spirit, the rushing mighty wind. It could be the wind of revival. 

STORMS OR TORNADOES can be good or bad. Is it shifting things or destroying things?



A window can represent a blessing or blessings coming into the life of a dreamer. If something positive is coming through the window that could represent blessings.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the Lord of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it. 
Malachi 3:10

The window can represent the prophetic or seeing what’s coming in the future. This is similar to going out on the porch or front lawn of your house. It can represent insight or wisdom; it can be showing the heart or the soul of a person. 
can represent opportunity. An open window can mean that you are open to what God is doing in your life because you are receptive. It can be a play on words also. 
 can represent an opportunity that has ended or past. It could mean that you are not receptive to the will of God. If you are closing the window yourself this could have a positive meaning. It means that you are closing off or bringing an end to negative issues. You could be closing a chapter in your life. This could be stopping people and demonic spirits into your home. 
SOMEONE SNEAKING INTO A WINDOW would represent demonic forces coming in like a thief. It is the enemy. The enemy could intrude into your thought life by bringing negative thoughts in your mind. It is important that you pray against this from happening. It could be you or someone you know that the thief is entering through the window. You will pray for that person or yourself. 
 can represent a broken heart or shattered dreams. The dreamer may feel hopeless. If you are breaking a window, it could be positive, because it could be speaking of a desire for a breakthrough in your life. You are shattering boundaries and walls and you are breaking out of a particular situation. 
LEAVING OR GOING OUT OF A WINDOW could represent a way of escape through prayer. God is giving you insight for wisdom, prophetic insight on how to leave something and move forward. 
WINDOW SHOPPING could speak of the heart’s desires, things that you are believing God for but you haven’t obtained them yet.  


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Dreams are usually subjective which means that God will use elements in a dream that are personal or hold a personal meaning to the dreamer. So, the same object or element in a dream could mean different things to different people. 
An example is the dreamer meeting someone called Grace. The dreamer did not know a Grace but she knew that she was waiting for Grace at a bus stop. God was showing the dreamer that Grace was on its way to the dreamer.

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