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Then the Lord answered me and said, 'Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.'

Habakkuk 2:2 (NKJV)

The Journal


I am on the verge of retiring from my full time job. I hope to do so, so that I can put all my energy into my work for the Lord. The suffering of people is extraordinary and in many cases unnecessary. I have a compassion for such people and the Lord wants to help them by demonstrating His love for them through miracles, signs and wonders. In my research in the condition of the church, two things stand out, mental health and loneliness. As well as physical illness these two situations should be addressed.

My work as a civil servant, has limited me in what I can say and do. However, I can draw from my experiences and knowledge when I retire from my job. 

The Lord keeps raising up leaders and sending them out, whether they are tele evangelists, heads of mega churches or leaders of small denominations. There is a great spiritual battle taking place and only those who are aware of it can engage in it. Let us say for now, it is a battle between good and evil and there are casualties on both sides. The enemy spirit, that is a spirit that opposes God, knows that if he can cause the leader to fall, the members will become disillusioned and scatter. I see on YouTube many church leaders falling from there ministries. What does it mean to fall? The enemy spirit causes the minister to fall into sin. What is sin? My definition of sin is to do something that offends God. The most typical of them are addictions to gambling, alcoholism, adultery, drugs addiction and the love of money. All the enemy spirit has to do is to expose this in the minister and he will fall. This will not only affect those in his or her congregation but also those wanting to know more about God. 

It will soon be my turn to rise up and become an ambassador for the Lord. Though I have had many great encounters with the Lord over the last 25 years, it has taken almost as many years to deal with all my issues. Can the enemy spirit cause me to fall? Time will tell. I am up for the challenge. I believe that I have no vices, however, I am aware that this is not enough. I know someone who has no vices but cannot control their temper. So, an emotion such as anger can cause a minister to fall. Anger is mentioned in the Book of Psalms and Jesus warns of it. It is one that I had to deal with and the testimony is written in my book. 


I had a dream in the night about adultery. Despite having many dreams and writing most of them down, I have never had one about adultery. I have recorded it in my note book but not here. Most dreams are symbolic and my interpretation of the dream may not be accurate. I was given a word in the dream and I chose not to remember it because I couldn't see the resemblance to adultery. However, when I woke up I regretted not remembering it. If I should here the word again I will record it. Why should this dream come at this time. Well, I mentioned it as a sin in my previous entry. Maybe the Lord wants me know that there is more to it, and that it is not as bad as the other addictions that I have mentioned.


When is it a good day to worship God?
I believe that God can be worshipped on any day of the week. The Jews worship God on the Sabbath Day, that is Saturday. In the Bible it is written that God created the universe in six days and rested on the seven, that is Saturday.  Christians worship God on the Sunday, because they believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the Sunday. Who is correct? I believe that both are correct. If it was wrong to worship God on the Sunday then the miracles He performed in my life would not have happened. I believe that we should not work seven days in the week but reserved one day, that is any day, to worship God. I would define work as doing something to earn money or something comparable. Switching a light on and off is not work or cooking a meal is not work. Jesus was accused of working on a Sabbath and he replied that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.



The hard drive
What I write is from my own observations, from my walk with the Lord and may not be the views of mainstream Christians. 
  Within our physical heart is a spiritual hard drive. It records all that we have done and said, whether good or bad, since we were born. It will be played back to us after death and we will be punished or rewarded according to the information on it. 
   How do I know this? In the late 1990’s I was working in the British library as an electrician. Whenever I got the opportunity, I would speak to the other workers about Jesus. I spoke to an African man and he appeared to listen to me and he went his way. Then I began to speak to another man, and whilst I was doing so the African man came back. He told the man that I was speaking to, not to listen to me, that what I was saying to him was wrong. I was surprised by his reaction since he didn’t voice any opposition to me when I spoke to him. Because of this I decided not to speak to the other man. 
   The following day the African man came to me and he appeared to be distressed. He said that he came to apologise to me for what he had said. I said to him that I was not offended and that he should apologise to God. He said that he had a dream that night and he had never had a dream like that before. He said that in the dream he was surrounded by tall men. They looked into his heart and saw all that he had with his life. Then one of them got a chisel and ran it through his neck. At that point he woke up and felt that God was punishing him. I said to him that he needed to go away and apologise to God for what he had said.
   Things on the spiritual hard drive can be deleted the same way as information on the computer hard drive. However, we cannot do so, only God can do so. Imagine standing before God and all the bad things that we did during our lives have been erased from the hard drive. Only good things will be left and we will be rewarded.






To Believe or to Know

When you say, ‘I believe.’ It carries an element of doubt. When you say, ‘I know.’ There is no doubt at all in your mind. If you say, that I believe 2+2=4, it shows that you are not 100% sure of your answer. If you say, I know that 2+2=4, it means that you are absolutely sure of your answer. To say I believe, is acting on faith and to say I know is acting on knowledge.
   I was staying at a hotel in Colchester one Christmas and on leaving I was fined £100 for smoking in my room. This was not possible because I had never smoked a cigarette in my life. However, there had been a smell of smoke coming through the vent and I told them that. They believed, because they could not prove it, that I was smoking in my room. I absolutely knew that I was not smoking in my room because I had never smoked a cigarette. I tried to get my money back but they refused.
   In Christianity the rules are similar. Christians are asked to believe in their faith and because of this it will always carry an element of doubt. Some Christians fall away from the faith because their beliefs are shaken and doubts increase. This type of Christian goes through a phase, called ‘deconstruction’. John 3:16, probably the most famous verse in the Bible, say,
For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life’ (New King James Version). The word ‘believes’ carries an element of doubt. If you should stop believing you risk losing your promise of everlasting life. On the other hand, if you know that Jesus existed and He is your Saviour, then there is no doubt. Jesus supposedly existed over 2000 years ago, so how can we know that he is our Saviour or that he actually existed. He must reveal himself to you in such a way that you have no doubt. 
   This is how he revealed himself to me. I was attending an African Pentecostal church in Canning Town in the late 1990’s. The pastor rented a hall and the service started at 2pm (it could be later). Before the main service, one of the leaders would walk up and down the front of the hall quoting scriptures and praying for the church, the world and the well being of others. This lasted for about 30 minutes before the main service and a small amount of people attended to pray with him. The pastor was not there but his wife was and a few other members. As the leader prayed, my eyes were shut and my arms slightly raised. As I stood silently, the words came into my mind, ‘I will be still, I will be still.’ Then I saw a flash of light, like that of a photographer taking a flash picture. My arms shot outwards as if crucified. My fingertips were bunched together and turned inwards and there was a mild electric current over my hands. I felt light in weight in my body and I began to scream as hard as I could. This was out of character for me, since I was a quiet person by nature. I kept on screaming for a few minutes, then I whispered something in a foreign language, and then rested my head on my chest. I can only speak English so I had no idea what I was saying. The pastor’s wife and another member took me to a back room. I had screamed so hard and long that I lost my voice for several days. From this experience I now know that Jesus was crucified on the cross.
   There have been many debates as to whether Jesus even existed and if he had been crucified. I studied with the Jehovah Witnesses for about six months, the Lord sent me there, and a couple would come to my flat and teach me from there faith. One of there magazines had an image of Jesus killed on a steak. I questioned this and they told me it was what they believed. I told them of my experience and that I knew that Jesus was crucified on a cross. No one can convince me otherwise because I no longer believe, but know. I had experienced and event that took place over 2000 years ago.
  Those Christians who have a personal knowledge of Jesus are in the best position to be saved. However, it is possible to have a personal knowledge of Jesus and still turn away from him and God.



To keep a promise as a King or Queen
What are the qualities of a king or queen? The Lord is looking for people who contain these qualities. He often compares King David with others as an example. He is looking for people who have the spirit of a king or queen and not necessarily someone who is one in the world. The individual could be male or female, rich or poor, a child or an adult.
   King David was not perfect, he made mistakes and God punished him for it. However, I discovered one important quality which help identify him as one with a kingly spirit. He kept his promises. 
   There was and incident in the Bible in which David had to fight against Jews like himself to maintain his throne. During this campaign he was cursed by a man, Shimei son of Gere, who opposed him and threw stones at him. One of David’s generals wanted to kill Shimei but David stopped him (2 Samuel:16, 5-13). 
   I discovered later, that David wanted to kill Shimei for what he said and done, but because he made a promised not to kill him, he had to keep this promise to the end. What David did instead was to pass the responsibility on his son Solomon. It was so important to him that he made it part of his will.

   "And see, you have with you Shimei the son of Gera, a Benjamite from Bahurim, who cursed me with a malicious curse in the day when I went to Mahanaim. But he came down to meet me at the Jordan, and I swore to him by the LORD, saying, "I will not put you to death with the sword.'  Now therefore, do not hold him guiltless, for you are a wise man and know what you ought to do to him; but bring his gray hair down to the grave with blood." (1 King 2, 8-9)
   David had made a promise that he could not break. When working with the Lord, it must be in your character to make a promise and keep it. If you can do this the Lord will trust you.

The promise I had to keep
I had a dream in the late 1990’s which showed me something that I felt I had to deal with. I was attending a local Elim Pentecostal Church at the time and the dream was about a young lady in the church. The dream showed me that she was doing something that displeased the Lord. I did not know her personally and her father was a highly respected leader in the church. When I woke from the dream, I felt I had to share the dream with her, but because of my shy nature I was reluctant to do so. As I lay in bed wondering what to do, I finally said to the Lord that I would do. Once I made a promise to the Lord, I knew I would overcome my shyness and do it. As soon as I made this promise, I felt a mild electric current in the centre of my tongue. I wondered what it was and went to the bathroom mirror to look. As I looked in the mirror, I saw a pulse beating in the centre of my tongue, about the size of a 1 pence piece. I was astonished by what I saw and it continued for a long while. To me, it was the Lord’s confirmation that I was doing the right thing. 
   Later, I approached the young lady and told her that I had something to say to her. She invited me to her house and I told her what the Lord showed me in a dream. She was embarrassed by it and denied what I told her. She was so upset that she told her father. Her father spoke to me and reprimanded me. Then the pastor spoke to me and also reprimanded me. I was so upset by the whole thing that I left the church. Every time I questioned whether I had done the right thing, the Lord reminded me of the pulse on my tongue. If it hadn’t been for that confirmation I might have been crushed by the whole experience. The Lord has shown me that if you can make a promise to Him and keep it, He will support you.



Does Jesus heal today? 
When I read the gospels, that is the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, I saw that Jesus did many miracles and healings. I was a new Christian at the time so I assumed they were true. I reasoned that Jesus was the example to follow and I was to copy him, to be like him. 
   While at work as an electrician in the British library in the late 1990’s I had a passion to tell all my work colleagues about Jesus. A workman from another department came up to me and asked me a question. He was a black man, in his mid-20’s, heavy built and from a Caribbean background. He asked me if Jesus heals? I was challenged by his question and I was being forced to practice what I believed. I reluctantly said yes. He said to me that he was due to see the doctor on Friday because he had water on the knee and he wanted to find out if Jesus could heal him. I said yes but now I had to prove it. I needed time to think about it and told him that I would pray for him during lunch time in the male changing room. He agreed to meet me there during our lunch break. So, we went back to work and I took a toilet break to discuss this with the lord. I was extremely nervous about the whole experience and said to the lord that his word shows that we can do healing and miracles in his name.
  During the lunch break, he was waiting for me in the changing room. I explained to him that I would place my hand on his knee and all he had to do was to thank Jesus. As I placed my hand on his knee, I could feel the tightness of the skin caused by the water and then it was gone. The skin now covered the bone of his knee. Another workman was passing by and looked at us. He declared, ‘There is a man here with his hand on another man’s knee.’ He thought it was funny. As I finished, I told him to continue thanking Jesus for healing him, and I went to lunch. While eating my lunch the young man passed me, stopped and stamp his foot on the floor to show me that he had no pain and that he had been healed.   
   This experience gave me a boldness to continue to pray for others to be healed. When I went out on the streets to tell people about Jesus l looked for people who were limping because I could pray for their healing and tell them about Jesus at the same time. In many cases, those who had issues with there feet also had issues with their hands, so I prayed for that also. My other experiences of praying for healing are written in my book.
   I made a naïve assumption that all Christians believe that healing and miracles were for today. There is a large group of Christians that believe that healings and miracles stopped when the last Apostle died. They call themselves cessationist, and many are found amongst the Baptist church. I believe that not only healings and miracles are for today, but greater miracles are possible. How is this possible? Jesus was limited by the number of supporters he had. They prayed for him and their prayer affected the number of his healings and miracles. His ministry lasted for less than 4 years so he was limited by time also. Let us say for example that the population of the world at that time was 200 million and that 1% followed him. Jesus could have done more but he was setting an example for us to follow. His 2 million followers praying for him limited him in what healing and miracles he could do. If 2 million followers assisted Jesus in producing the healings and miracles in the Bible, what can they do today? The population today is 8 billion and if 1% are united and praying for healing and miracles, that 80 million people will produce greater healings and miracles than in the days of Jesus. Those healings and miracles in the Bible will seem small in comparison. 
   The Lord has made it clear to me that I cannot do all healings and miracles and that these gifts are distributed amongst his church. The Lord has shown me in my dreams the type of healings and miracles that are possible today. They are fantastic and I have written them in my books on dreams.


The Lord, gods and demons
Before following the Lord, I had dreams that were few and uneventful. Occasionally I would get a vivid dream, a dream that is easy to recall. An example of this would be a dream I had around 1990. At the time I was renting a room and I was unemployed. In order to get my unemployment benefit I had to attend the job center on a particular day and time. I was about to oversleep when a sparkling white rhinoceros came to me in my dream and nudged me awake with its horn. To this day I still remember the dream and I was not a Christian at the time. 
   After I had become a Christian and had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, I began to have regular vivid dreams. I had vivid dreams most nights of the week and sometimes several times a night. I would have a dream during the night, wake up, write it down and go back to sleep. I would wake up again after another dream, write it down, and go back to sleep again. This would happen several times a night. I did not take any drugs, smoke or drink heavily so I was not influence by these things. I wrote them down because they were so clear and my mind could logically follow them. Sometimes I would have a long vivid dream and I didn’t have time to write it down because I had to go to work. However, I would come home from work and still be able to write it down with all its details.
   The dreams themselves have many different purposes and the one that I am going to focus on is spiritual warfare. I did not know anything about spiritual warfare until now. Its rules are similar to warfare in the natural. You pick your side, engage in battle and if you win you take your opponent’s wealth and abilities. If you lose, they will take your wealth and abilities. The battles appear to be between good and evil but I perceive there is more to it than that. Christians believes that the warfare is between demons, that is fallen angels of Satan, and angels of the Lord. From my observations there is more to it than this. Looking at the environment of the warfare I believe that the battle is between gods also. Basically, if the atmosphere is black then the warfare is against demons. They project images of humans out of the darkness, usually someone that we are familiar with, to draw us towards them, tempt us or confuse us. They are in darkness because they are fallen angels and now have the appearance of monsters. If we saw them as their true selves we would be frightened away in our dream. The Lord uses symbols to warn us of their presence. For example, we might see a spider which is symbolic of a witch. Warning us that a witch is nearby. 
  Many of my battles in dreams is done in daylight so I do not see my opponents as demons but as gods. They have their own unique supernatural powers and they intend to defeat me in battles and take my powers. Some will tell me that. They have the appearance of a man or woman but when they engage in battle, it is clear that they are not human. There are many examples in my books of dreams. The Lord also has gods on His side that do battle with them. A couple of examples of evil spirits that I did battle with is the clown and the leprechaun. An example of a god that fights on the side of the Lord is a being called, ‘Marvelous the Marvelor’. He has the appearance of a slim very tall being that lives in a cave and is roused to do battle when he hears drums. Another god that I know by name is called, ‘Sister Talent’. Her skin had the appearance of dull silver and she wore silver clothes. She was and acrobat and had the ability to climb up walls and around buildings. 
   I found that in my battles there was helpers around me. I won battles because I called on the name of Jesus or another being would intercede to help me if I was losing. For example, I came across three beings that had the appearance of humans, two men and one woman around 30 years old. I was told that they caused as lot of trouble for Christians over many years in England. I told them to surrender to me but they refused. Immediately my spirit tore off the female’s head and the two males attacked me. Knives and daggers came out of their chests and struck me. I was being overpowered but then a white man, of English appearance, came to my rescue. He was wearing clothing similar to those who practice Aikido in Japan. Together, we overcame the two male looking beings.
   I believe that the powers gained in these spiritual battles can be used in the natural to heal people and cast out demons. I have not engaged in the casting out of demons because I believe it comes with responsibility. Once the person is free from demonic influences that person must be taught how to keep them out or else the demons will return with others and the person is worst off that before the original demons were cast out. 
uke 11:24-26 "When an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he says, "I will return to my house from which I came.' And when he comes, he finds it swept and put in order. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first."(New King James)


Today, the first day of the rest of my life

   On the 8th of December 2023 I retired from my job of 17 years. I had worked as a detention officer for the London Metropolitan Police. Because of the nature of my job I had to always work within the law both at work and outside of work. I also had to be mindful of what I said both at work and outside. My spiritual growth continued through those years but was slow. Now that  I am retired from work I can now pursue my spiritual walk at my own pace. 

   When I first started to walk with the Lord in the late 1990's He gave me everything I needed to succeed in Him. However, it was more than my circumstances could bear. Though many miracles occurred during this period, my job was unstable, my income and accommodation was unstable and my understanding of his Bible was poor. I was running in several spiritual directions trying to understand the ways of the Lord but I was too young as a Christian. It was like given a child an army tank to control. When I joined the police my circumstances settled down. I began to piece together the puzzle that the Lord gave me. In 2008 I began to move in the things of God according to my understanding but it did not last. The weakness of the church and the fact that I was still in fulltime employment in the police caused it to slow down and stop. But through dreams, I understood that many ministries was waiting for something to happen. 

   As from today I can now pursue the things of God fulltime. If I should not do well, I only have myself to blame. Lets see what 2024 brings.


In this New Year I will move forward in the Lord. I have the means to do so. 


Now that I have retired from full time employment I have set myself various tasks to achieve in 2024. I will clearly lay out what needs to be done to be 'saved', not just from quoting scriptures but from my life experiences.

   I will look into an organisation called MIND in the UK. When I was booking in prisoners for the police I found that the majority of them suffered from some sort of mental health problem. I also discovered that mental health was a big problem in the church. Though I have not tried to help such people, because of my lack of understanding, I believe the Lord can help many of them.

   A big challenge for me is to understand loneliness. This is a big problem in the church, which is surprising since church the tends to bring communities together.

    I have two hobbies that I enjoy. One is watercolour painting and the other is chess. Now that I have the time, I will do an online watercolour course from the London Art College and later sell some of my paintings. I will also try to join a local chess club. I have been playing chess since the age of 12, a game that I love, and I see it as a problem solving exercise. One of the nurses where I worked was also a chess player and said that it prevents dementia in old age. So I am glad that I took it up.


Power in our words

There is power in our words whether we are a Christian or not. A parent can say something to a child that will encourage them to do great things or destroy them emotionally. I believe that there are different levels of power in our words and Christians carry more than others.

   While working as an electrician in the late 1990’s at the British library, I was telling another electrician about Jesus. As we sat talking, he asked me to give an example of what Jesus has done for me. I told him of how my eyes were shielded from the effects of fluorescent lighting when working in a place which used them as temporary lighting. I was working in a small space and the lighting gave me a severe headache. I had to leave the room and I called on the Lord. When I did, immediately the headache left and I was able to go back to work. The electrician I was talking to said that it will come back again. It may not be now, but at some time in the future it will come back. As he said that to me, I became aware of the affects of the fluorescent lighting around me and the headache began to come back. Immediately I had to go away and pray for the Lord to protect me from its affects. My eyes were once again shielded from them. I realised then the power the words of another person can have on me, even though that person was not a Christian. Jesus often told demons to be quiet and he rose Lazarus from the dead by his spoken word (John 11:38-44).


The Prisoner who suffered from Schizophrenia

Not long ago when I worked for the police in custody, I had to do a constant watch on a prisoner. When a prisoner is a high risk, that is there is a danger of self harm or suffering from a life threatening condition, they often have to be observed by an officer constantly. Each prisoner have their own cell and the door is always locked. However, with a prisoner on constant watch the door is open and an officer will sit near the open door and observe them. An officer will sit there for an hour at a time and another will take over after that hour.

   On this occasion I had to supervise a prisoner who was suicidal. He was an Englishman about 45 years old and I started to chat with him. As we talked he said that he heard voices. I wondered if these voices would stop if I talked about spiritual things since I was a Christian. He was open to this and we chatted for a while. When my hour was nearly up, he said that the voices had stopped. I encouraged him to attend a Pentecostal church.

   People hearing voices is very common.  What is the cause of it?

Psychologist cannot agree on it and Christians, who believe in demons, think that it is demonic. I have my own theory of how it is caused. I believe that a person who suffers from schizophrenia and hears voices, is picking up the thoughts of other people. I believe that we all have the ability to do so but there is a mental wall preventing us picking up the thoughts of other people around us. If we didn't have this wall we would be terrified by what some people might be thinking.

   I once attended a charismatic church ran by Ghanaians. My task on some Sunday services was to take care of the youth. On one occasion they were very noisy and uncontrollable. So I had to find a way to settle them down. I did so by picking a gospel from the Bible and have them read, one at a time, a chapter. By doing this they had to focus because their turn to read again would soon come round. The class was quiet except for the person reading and I felt at peace. The pastors wife entered the class with a baby and said that it was peaceful and wanted to stay. However, she only came to change the baby's nappy and go. But what she did made me angry because she took the dirty nappy and threw it in the corner of the room. I was hoping she would come back and collect it, but she did not. 

   During the week a small group of us had a prayer meeting. She arrived late, but on seeing me, she was shocked and remembered that she had forgotten to collect the dirty nappy. I had not said anything to her but she picked up that thought from my mind. I was not even thinking about what she had done. After this I concluded it was possible to pick up other peoples thought. 

   I believe that the prisoner on constant watch was picking up my thoughts and that the Holy Spirit was repairing  the wall in his mind that was damaged.


The Gods of the New Testament

Jesus mentions two gods, the Almighty God and Mammon (Matthew 6:4). Mammon is defined as money and wealth and he says that you cannot serve both. You will either love one and hate the other. I do not see money or wealth as a god but the spirit behind it. Money or wealth is a tool but the spirit behind it is greed and I will give that spirit a name and call it Mammon.

   Jesus is approached by a rich young ruler who asked him what he needed to do to have eternal life (Matthew 19:16-22). Jesus told him to obey the Laws of Moses, sell his possessions, give to the poor and follow him. But he could not do it because he had great wealth. Then Jesus turned to his disciples and said, ‘Assuredly, I say to you that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.’

   I believe that Jesus is referring to a greedy man rather than a rich man. For, some people are born into wealth but are not greedy. When God asked King Solomon what he wanted, he replied wisdom. Because he asked for wisdom and not wealth, God rewarded him with great wealth. In fact, he made him the wealthiest man on earth (1 King 3:4-14).

   One god gives and the other takes. Mammon, the god of greed, takes. The Almighty God is a giving God. The rich young ruler was asked to sell his possessions and GIVE to the poor, but he could not do it. The church was built on the act of giving. During church service, collections are taken and the church is active in charity work in the community. However, some of those in the church are greedy. Like the rich young ruler who obeyed the Laws of Moses from childhood, but could not give, there are those in the church who follows the Bible but are greedy in their heart and cannot give.

   In Matthew 13:1-9, Jesus uses a parable in which he uses the terms tares and wheat to describe people in the church. Tares, which are weeds, and wheat are similar in appearance but they are not the same. They are so similar in fact that Jesus says do not try to separate them until the harvest. How can you tell which is the wheat in the church and which is the tare? One person has a giving heart and the other a greedy heart.

   Can a greedy person become a giving person, and can a giving person become a greedy person. From my experience, neither can change. If one person in a relationship is greedy and the other is a giver, neither will change. The greedy person will keep what they have and take from the giver. The giver, who feels good when they give, will continue to give to the greedy partner, even though they have identified the greed in that person. For example, a giving person will fill up the fridge with food with the expectation of sharing it with the greedy partner. But a greedy person, when putting food in the fridge would say, ‘This is mine and that is yours.’

   Both may call themselves Christians but their acts will separate them. One will be a wheat and the other a tare.

   I believe that there are genuine rich people who have a giving heart and will be saved. Yes, many rich people are greedy, but I also believe that many poor people are greedy also. We all fall into one of the two categories, either giver or taker.

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