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For God does speak – now one way, now another –though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword.

Job 33:14-18 (NIV)



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   Alligators have a big mouth and a big tale. If seen in a dream, it represents someone who is a gossip or slanderer or someone who defends themselves with a lie. If you're being threatened by them in your dream, then someone is gossiping or slandering you. If it is threatening someone else you know, then someone is gossiping about them. If you own a pet alligator in the dream, then you are gossiping about someone. An alligator is a reptile and therefore represents an enemy in the demonic realm.



   Cats are symbolic of independent thinking. Cats do not always try to make everybody around them feel good. It could be talking about breaking free of the control of others. On the negative side, it could be talking about your will. Cats are very willful and therefore wants what it wants when it wants it.

   It could be something that you love and care for and that you are watching over, no matter how it responds to you.

  Cows can represent provisions. If its an ox pulling a plough then it could be slow change. So, an ox or a cow, could represent slow change. If you see a cow chewing it could relate to meditation. To think something through. So, it could be talking about provision, slow change or meditation.

 If you love dogs and you see dogs in your dreams, it’s probably going to be a positive thing. If you are afraid of dogs it’s going to be a negative thing. A dog is a man’s best friend and you could be talking about a friend in your dream. A dog in a dream is symbolic and different types of dogs and different colours of dogs will have a meaning. A dog in a dream can represent a friend or someone who is close to you, someone that travels in the same circle that you travel in. A beautiful white dog could be representative of the Holy Spirit. Negatively, a dog can represent an unbeliever, someone who rejects the authority of God. A dog can represent someone who turns on you with their mouth. For example, you are petting a dog and it turns on you and bites your hand. That could represent someone close to you who has attacked you with evil speaking or speaking harmful words to you.
   The nature of a dog can represent the nature of a person or a being.  Dogs are territorial by nature and if you see one that is on a chain or behind a fence it could mean that a demonic being or force is being kept out a territory or an area in your dream. If you see yourself being attacked by a dog this is usually caused by fear. When you wake from the dream pray that the demon is bound or destroyed in the name of Jesus. The fear will pass. It is easier to pray against it at this time because the images of your dream is still strong in your mind.
   If you see a puppy in a dream it could represent someone who is young in the faith, who is needing attention, nurturing or support. It could also mean an immature person who needs to mature. A bull dog in a dream could be positive or negative. It represents someone who has tenacity and is very determined. A sleeping dog could represent someone who lacks feeling or emotion. Someone who is not concerned about anything in particular or lacking enthusiasm. A big dog in your dream could be positive or negative. If it is attacking you then someone in position is attacking you. If it is licking you then someone is watching out for your soul. A dog recognized as your pet could represent someone close to you. It could represent someone that you are feeding or nurturing. A black dog in your dream tends to be negative. It could be someone in your life who has a dark side to them or they are very dark in nature. They could be hiding something. A black dog could represent a demonic force or demonic presence. When you wake from the dream ask the Lord to bind them or destroy them in the name of Jesus. If the dream is of God no harm will come to you. He won’t be offended.


   Seeing a frog in a dream is probably going to have a negative meaning. They usually represent a spirit of lust because it is an unclean animal. It is symbolic or a demon so pray against it when you wake. Pray, ‘I bind you in the name of Jesus.’ Or ask the Lord to destroy it. If you leave it to continue in your life, you will remain under the control of that lust.


   The horse represents power and ability. In Psalms the amount of horses represented the amount of power.  It could also have other meanings. The white horse that Jesus is riding in the book of Revelations represents a move of God. The expression ‘horse power’ is often used.  


   A lion in a dream could be positive or negative. Positively, the lion relates to spiritual powers. A comparison is often made to Jesus. It could be a high-level spiritual power to the positive. Negatively it can be referring to the enemy. In nature it is often the female that goes hunting and God compares the devil to a female lion. 


   Having a monkey in a dream normally has a negative meaning. It could refer to mischievousness or mockery. If it is on somebodies back it could be talking about an addiction or issue, they can’t get off their back.  It’s something that they can’t reach to get off their back and will need someone to help them. 


   The black panther represent high level demonic creatures.  They are creatures of darkness. They like to hide, especially in trees. They hang around leaders and jump down on the unsuspecting. They normally have a negative meaning. The black panther is actually related to the black cat which is a familiar spirit for witches. This is high level witchcraft, therefore high level demonic activity.


   Rats in dreams are always negative. They like to hide in dark places and are creatures of darkness. They feed off garbage. In scripture, if an animal is a clean animal it is likely to be positive in a dream and if it is an unclean animal it is likely to have a negative meaning in a dream. A rat in a dream could mean a sin issue that needs to be dealt with. It is providing food for darkness, providing food for negative things to come and feed, and to have life. A mouse in a dream has the same meaning as a rat however, the sin issue does not seem to have the same impact. It is a sin issue that looks nice and therefore not taken care of. Consider the context in which the mouse is seen. If you see a mouse run across a room and you hit it with a broom that would have a different meaning than if you see a mouse as a pet.  Rats and mice are a sin issue that you need to deal with and you are seeing it because it is attracting dark spiritual activity.


   They represent a demonic entity. Scorpions usually attack the feet so they are symbolic of attacking your walk, your destiny.


   Someone in the Bible who was wealthy would have a lot of sheep and goats and therefore it talks of provision.  However, sheep can have a positive meaning and goats a negative meaning. When God talks about sheep He is often talking about his people and are usually believers. Sheep are not really intelligent. They have to be watched over and they have to be protected. There is a protection element. There is a need for someone to watch over them.  It could be talking about the ability to hear God’s voice. Goats don’t have good discernment. They will eat anything. They can represent wickedness. They can also be something positive so the context is really important.

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   Snakes in dream can have several negative meanings. Different interpretations of dreams from different experts can vary a lot. The Bible refers to the snake as a serpent and it is known as a deceiver. It can represent fear, temptation, lack of control, betrayal and pretence. It can represent an attack on families or an individual.

   If you see snakes around you in a dream, it means that there are lies and deception around you. If the snake hasn’t bitten you or come into contact with you it means that the lie has not penetrated you. Where the snake has bitten you on the leg or on the hand it means that the lie has been injected into the body and you believe it and it’s affecting you. Ask yourself, what kind of snake is it? If it is a Boa constrictor, then it shows that the lie wants to squeeze the life out of you. When the Cobra spits venom in your eyes it means that a deceptive lie is trying to affect what you see, your ability to see things in the spirit. What could the lie be? It could be the lie about who you are in Christ. It could be a lie about many different things. If a snake is blue and white, the white could represent a religious spirit and blue could represent depression.   A green snake represents a pretender or betrayer. You are close to someone that is planning to betray you.

   When the snake is in the water it means that you are under a marine covenant. It means the spirit of the serpent is in you. If you are a woman it means you have a seductive spirit. This could cause serious delay in getting married. If you are a married woman it could mean that the marriage will not last. Your husband will just wake up or come home from work and all of a sudden that spirit of attack, that spirit of hatred will just come upon him and the marriage and will lead to divorce. Dreams of snakes in the bed means that your marriage is already under attack. If the snake is hiding, it is trying to pull you down. They are waiting for an opportunity to attack you. When a snake enters your house, it means that you are about to experience misfortune, bad luck and set back in that house. If the snake is chasing you then there are stubborn enemies in your father’s house. If someone throws a snake at you then someone is planning for your downfall. It can be an evil covenant or a charm. If it is crawling on your body it means that you are under ancestral powers.

   When a snake is following you then it indicates a monitoring spirit. It’s a power that is trying to scatter the good things that’s ahead of you. They are following you; they are monitoring your progress. Such a dream can bring failure ahead of you. If the snake turns into a woman, that is a crafty spirit. When two snakes are fighting it means spiritual warfare. It is time for you to pray against your enemy. When you kill a snake, it means a total victory. It indicates opportunities, favour, deliverance from slavery and setback, and deliverance from demonic pollution.


   The tiger in a dream can have a negative or positive meaning. It is more often a negative meaning. They may look cute and lovable but they are extremely dangerous. Often in a dream it is prowling or attacking. Tigers are territorial so they are often keeping people away or keeping people contained in dreams. 

   The tiger has a beautiful orange coat with black stripes. The colours are significant. . Orange can talk about perseverance or stubbornness. Black is often in the negative and it talks about being soulish. So, often in dreams, tigers would represent some type of a stubborn soulish issue that keeps on coming up.


   A wolf in a dream has a negative meaning. It can represent a false teacher or a false prophet. It is an animal that prays on the weak. There is a hunger and an appetite that is there that drives them to feed themselves. These prophets may have a gifting but they are being driven by their appetites and not by their devotion and love of the Lord. 



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   Darts and arrows in the air indicates warfare. In the Bible in Ephesians 6:16 it says, In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the devil (NIV Bible). It is referring to an attack that is coming through the air from a distance trying to reach a target. It is a spiritual attack that is strategic, aiming at a very specific thing in your life that you have responsibility for. The context in the dream is very important. Are you defending yourself, are you hitting the target or are you being attacked? It will determine your response.
  If you are shooting at a target, God is teaching you how to be more strategic in reaching goals. If your target is someone that is not demonic, then you could be cursing someone. It could be showing you that your words are hurting someone and causing pain in a specific place. If another person is sending them then it is possible the person is being used by the enemy. 


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   Children in dreams can have a positive or a negative meaning. A child in a dream can represent a young church or a young ministry. If you see yourself with a child in your dream it could represent a young ministry you are called to nurture and to help grow and thrive. The context of the dream will give you clues how to go about it.

   A child in a dream could represent a young business. If you are a pastor or spiritual head of an organisation, those people under you becomes your spiritual babies. Children in dreams could represent your brain-child, ministry or project and you are delaying in bringing it to fruition. Or you are putting your brain-child or talent on the shelf. God is bringing these dreams to you and they might be repeating because they have not materialised in the natural. When you see children that is not yours it means that your progress will actually succeed with someone else’s idea. God is pointing you in the right direction.

   A child or a baby in a dream could represent someone who is spiritually immature. They could represent a young church or they can represent an immature person in their way of thinking or behaviour, even an adult in your life. A baby who is constantly crying can represent an immature person in your life.  If you dreamt that you had a premature baby it could mean that a ministry, or project or purpose has been implemented to soon. It could indicate that you have got ahead of God and you didn’t do it in God’s time. If you had a boy it could indicate leadership in a particular ministry or purpose. If you had a girl it could indicate a nurturing type of ministry. It could also mean that the ministry is able to reproduce itself. If you had a baby of a different race it could mean that this ministry may seem foreign to you. If the baby is born with teeth it could mean a new ministry or purpose is ahead of its time and that it has a level of maturity that it carries. If you dream that you have had twins this could indicate two new gifts, ministries or projects that will come into existence at the same time. Twins could represent a double blessing. Babies with very long or very thick hair could indicate a new ministry marked by wisdom. Hair in dreams symbolise wisdom. Babies with very big eyes could indicate a new ministry or purpose with great spiritual insight and spiritual vision. The person is a visionary. It could also represent a prophetic ministry that’s about to be birthed. If you have an old baby, that is they appear to be 3-5 years old, it could indicate a purpose or ministry that will grow very quickly.

   A child could represent a young Christian. If you’re in a dream with a young child and you're teaching them things and showing them things God is showing you there is someone in your environment who He wants you to mentor or to teach. A child represents someone who is undisciplined and God wants someone to bring spiritual and emotional discipline to the child. 

   Seeing a baby in your dream could mean your talents, brain-child-gifts, special skills, projects, business or ministry is waiting to be birthed. When parent, guardians, nannies and child-carers dream about babies it could be because they are preoccupied with their occupation. Because of their profession they dream about children not yet born. These type of dreams are called procreated dreams. Mothers often testify that they are seeing children in their dream, even before they are born or even before they get pregnant. They are already cuddling babies or seeing them around them. These are direct dreams but they do not happen to all mothers. You cannot read much into them.

   Negatively, babies in a dream could be symbolic of dwarf demons called imps, sprites or fairies. These are projections from the enemy. They always like to project children to confuse you. The enemy is master of confusion and diabolical activities. The enemy will use a child in a dream to bring torment. They are very mischievous and are a form of familiar spirit. They cause everything to be stunted, they cause limitation. They behave like children but when you look closely in the dream, they are not really children because they look like adults. You need to rebuke them, to reject them, to renounce them and to kill them before you wake up or when you wake up. Babies could be the result of spiritual marriages. In other words, the person has been married in the spirit to a spirit spouse and has gotten spiritual children and they are showing up in the dream or in the supernatural in the spiritual realm. If a pregnant woman is seeing babies in their dreams that are biting the breast or licking the breast, these are not your real babies, they are demons in disguise. This requires deliverance.


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   Being chased in a dream must be taken into context.  In such dreams you are trying to get away from something or trying to reach something. It can have a negative or positive meaning and how you look will have a bearing on the interpretation. It could mean that an evil force is trying to bring intimidation, worry, anxiety and fear into your life. The evil force is trying to get you off course or off track for what God has purposed for you to do. It’s a trick of the enemy to try and stop your progress. Stress in life could trigger such a dream. It could also be caused by feeling out of control over your current situation. How to deal with such dreams is to face your fears and put it in Gods hand to cover you with peace.

   If walking, and one of your legs is not functioning properly, then this can be interpreted. Walking could be interpreted as your walk with the Lord. Your right leg would be your faith and strength to do it and your left leg is what you are born with to do. If your left leg is not straight while you’re walking in your dream then the Lord wants to straighten out something in your walk. Your hips out of place would mean a loss of balance. If you are running on the spot and the chaser is catching up with you then you have not found the spiritual footing that can get you where you are going. You have not found what it takes to overcome what is chasing you. It could indicate faith or warfare. If you are crawling then the Lord wants to take you back to the rudimental things. If you’re being followed and you are aware of it but you are in control it means that you are independent and will not be rushed to where you are going. You will do things in your own time. It also means that fear has not overtaken you. If you are running in slow motion it means that you are incredibly hungry. You knows there is more but you do not know how to find that more.

Babies and Children
Being chased


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   Birds can refer to angelic activity or fallen angelic activity. Ask yourself what kind of bird is it? The Holy Spirit is represented as a dove. Eagles in the Bible refers to kings because they can see things from a long distance and affect things from a long distance away. An eagle has extremely good eyesight so it can represent a prophetic gift. Hawks are similar to eagles but they can be trained to hunt. Hawks will represent prophetic intercessors. . An owl can mean wisdom. The context is important, if you see a bald eagle and you live in America, it could represent the USA. Crows or ravens could refer to a spirit of death. Carrion type birds are often going be the negative type bird and are going to represent demonic activity.


Here is a list of the 10 most popular body parts in dreams.

It can have several meanings. It depends on the context. It could represent the intellect or mind-set. It could represent the head of an organisation. If you are scratching your head or you hit your head it could represent your thought line or your mind set.


Hands in a dream could be symbolic of work or the kind of work that you do. If you are washing your hands it could mean clean hands or having integrity. Also it could mean that you are ridding yourself of certain relationships. Hands in dreams often represent relationships, gifts and abilities. 

This body part often represents discernment or the ability to discern good from evil.

Eyes can represent spiritual vision or your ability to see or have spiritual insight. If you get something in your eye and you are trying to get it out, it could represent that someone is trying to stop you from seeing things clearly on a particular subject or in a particular category.

This can have a negative or positive meaning. If you are walking bare footed it could represent humility or unpreparedness. It could mean that you are not quite prepared to walk in your purpose or calling. Feet can be symbolic of your journey or spiritual walk with the Lord.

Ears could represent your ability to spiritually hear clearly what God is saying to you.

These often represent your spiritual strength. A broken arm could represent a loss of spiritual or emotional strength in your life.

Legs are often symbolic of your journey or spiritual walk with the Lord. A broken leg could represent something that is trying to stop you from moving forward in life or purpose.

The mouth is for speaking or eating. If you’re eating it could represent something that you are receiving.

Breasts could represent that you have a nurturing spirit. You have the ability to nurture those who are spiritually young or spiritually immature.

Body Parts


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   The book is about knowledge, whether you are receiving it so that you can have it for yourself or whether you are receiving it so you can share it with others. If you see yourself in a library, it usually means knowledge. Being given a book could mean that you have to write one. It could be that the knowledge will be given from heaven what to write. In biblical times prophets were often given scrolls with knowledge and revelation to share with others. This is the same context as being given books. Some of the books given to you, could be revelation and not just acknowledge information.


bridge web.png
tunnel web.png


   These are symbolic of connections or links because they get you from one place to another. If you are crossing a bridge it means that transition and change is coming in your life. Jesus can represent a bridge in your dream. Jesus is your link to God.  It represents, God is moving you from one phase in your life to the next phase. There are different types of bridges. Walking across a narrow bridge could represent a difficult transition. You will need greater faith to make that transition. It could also mean that God is keeping you on a very narrow path. Walking across a wide bridge would mean that your transition or change would be easy and very smooth. Walking across a bridge as opposed to driving across a bridge would mean that you are experiencing a life transition. Driving a car across a bridge could represent ministry changes or transition in the thing that God has called you to do. If you are crossing the Golden gate bridge (in California) that would represent transitioning or entering into a place of experiencing the glory of God.



These have a similar representation to bridges. If it is a dark tunnel it could mean that you are experiencing a very dark time in your life which could include uncertainty. Seeing a light at the end of a tunnel, means that you are moving in the direction that God has set for you. You are moving in the direction of God himself.



It is symbolic of hidden places. It could represent a place of shelter or a place of refuge. How you feel in the dream is important. Caves can convey feelings of loneliness or being alone. This relates to your natural life of loneliness or lack of support.


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Jesus often refers to a house when he is talking about someone’s life.

‘When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, “I will return to the house I left.” When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.’
Matthew 12:43-45

   There are various types of buildings and they have different meanings in the dream. They often symbolise various aspects of our lives.
HOUSE in a dream can represent an individual, a church, a family or an organisation. If the house is old it could represent an old church and if it is a new house it could represent a new church. The front part of the house speaks of the future, and the back, speak of the past. If you are looking through a window it speaks of prophetic things, things of the future. If your house is on the edge of a cliff and it is about to topple over it is talking about your foundation. If you see termites or evil creature in the foundation of a house it is important to determine whose house it is. If it belongs to your father, mother or a relative it is showing you that your family foundation is polluted. It means that someone in your family has resorted to evil and demonic means. Because of this it has caused a curse to be on the family. By looking at the consistent negative in the family you will find the evidence, e.g divorce, members are educated but broke. This curse could have been done several generations ago.
   You can dream that you are in your own house or in someone else’s house. Here are different types of house you can encounter in your dreams.
 tends to represent division either in the family, a church or organisation.
 symbolises godly strength. A person, organisation, or church that is not easily moved.
 can represent lack or poverty.  It could represent spiritual poverty whereby an individual may lack wisdom.
 can represent a time of rest or a time of intimacy with God. In the negative, a cabin can represent the flesh. Cabins are often made of wood and wood in dreams tend to represent the flesh, doing things in your own effort.
, living in one could mean that you are a mature Christian. It could also represent a very large church, prosperity, both in the natural or spiritual.
 could represent a high level of spiritual authority. In the natural royals or people of royalty live in castles.
Being in an APARTMENT
 could represent a time of transition coming your way. God is moving you from one phase of your life into the next.
Being in a house boat could mean that you are allowing Gods Spirit to lead and guide you. Water in dreams tends to represent the Holy Spirit.
Being in a TREE HOUSE
 could represent a level of immaturity because children play in tree houses. It could represent placing yourself in leadership or a high position. Trees in dreams can represent leadership or a leader.
   It is important to pay attention to who are in the house. Are you alone or are there friends, family members or people from the work place? Dreams with family members in the room speak about your family life. The most common dream people have about house is being in their childhood home. Dream of being in childhood home yet being current age indicates that you are either dealing with the things from your childhood that are affecting you now or there could be things that your family is called to do that you will be fulfilling. The further you go back, even to kindergarten, the worst it is likely to be. Whenever you have a dream that is taking you back to the past, taking you back to your grandmother house, taking you back to a place that you lived as a child the dream often speaks of regression, backwardness, delay and setback. These negative spirits are released to delay your blessing. If you have a dream that is repeating itself, it speaks of confirmation of something that is going to happen or it speaks of something that you really need to deal with because the consequences of it are very severe. If you see the spirit of jealousy in a person you need to arrest that spirit in the spirit realm. You need to pray the word against them.
Going back to a childhood home could also mean that God is showing you that you have various gifting’s and callings that He gave you since childhood. It will depend on the context or scenario.
   You must pay attention to people moving about in your house you do not know, but they are moving about your house as if you know them. If you are the only person living in your house and you see other people in your house then it could mean that spirits want to attack you or are preparing to attack you. You need to watch what these people, which represent spirits, are doing. The main things to look for are the environment of the dream. For example, the setting of the house is dark or is dim. Blackness, darkness or dimness represent wickedness, evil, ignorance and confusion. Why, because if you turn off the light it will cause confusion and you will be groping in the dark, knocking things about.
   If these people in your house are naked, walking about having sex with each other, some have no sexual organs or doing vile stuff, it speaks of spirits of perversion in your life. It is something that you have to deal with because if you don’t it will deal with you in the future.
  If strangers are coming into your house and is removing furniture from it without your consent, this is known in the dream world as spiritual robbery. You must remember that the spirit world is the origin of all things. Nothing happens in this world unless it has been conceived, manufactured or created in that world. Therefore, if you are being robbed, whether you know them or not, it means that you are being robbed spiritually. If you do not rebuke and deal with that dream you will suffer losses in the natural. The losses are often mysterious. Any dream that represents killing, stealing or destroying is of the devil. The scriptures say

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
John 10:10

   When considering the various rooms in the house you have to think about the purpose of the room and its location.
 is underneath the surface, it’s in the foundation of the house. It’s usually hidden. Things in the basement are talking about issues that are foundational. 
 is where you prepare food. Scripture often use the metaphor of food to talk about spiritual nourishment, teaching, the milk of the word. So, the kitchen would offer some kind of spiritual nourishment. As the kitchen is a place of preparation you have to look at the whole dream to see what you are being prepared for.
LIVING ROOM is the more public part of the house. It symbolise family, community or fellowship. This is where you have people come and sit down to visit. This is the more public area of your life. It is a place where you take an ease. If it is repeating itself then there are certain things in your life that you are not taking seriously. You are being laid back about it and you need to deal with it. If it is a positive dream then you will see yourself with your family having a good time. If you are having problems and you see your family there then the Lord is showing you that you do not need to worry about it because the Lord will take care of it in the future. After the dream you will need to come in agreement. Pray, ‘Father God thank you for revealing to me that things will get better. I come in agreement with what you have revealed to me in the dream as to how you will fix this. I’m not saying that it will happen now but I trust you.’ When you have a good dream, you have to come in agreement with what the Lord desires to do. When the spirit agrees with the human then you have a manifestation that is the law of manifestation. 
 is a place of intimacy and a place of rest. It symbolise, peace, salvation, privacy, meditation, and covenant as in a marriage. What is the context of the bedroom? Is it talking about needing to rest? Or is it talking about needing to be more intimate with someone or even the Lord. What was your emotion during the dream, were you scared? The negative emotion you experienced may indicate a negative meaning such as an evil covenant as in natural or spiritual adultery, and self-made harmful condition. The dream is going to show you the things that are pending that is going to manifest here or the dream is showing you the root causes of the things going on in your life that you would never figure out in the natural or everyday life. Everyday life is a mystery, you don’t understand why certain things are happening to you. The only antidote to a mystery is a revelation. A revelation is moving the cover off of something that always existed. It is now exposing it. 
 of the house can often talk about mind set, thought, attitude (good or bad), learning, or spiritual realm.  But it can also talk about past issues, history, stuff that has been stored up. Dusty relics from the past symbolise memory. If you see the loft filled with termites the dream is speaking of tormenting spirits attacking your mind. You have to rebuke them. It may not happen during the dream so it means that it must be pending. If you see things like insects, fleas, dogs, cats and snakes for the most part it speaks of the kingdom of darkness. The characteristics of these animals or insects, there behaviour speaks of the types of spirits that dealing with your spirit in the realm of the spirit. They are eating up your blessings.
 of the house talks about a covering. It could talk about a spiritual covering or some kind of authority that is there. If the house has no roof, it could indicate that you do not have a spiritual covering or protection.
HALLWAYS symbolise transition. 
The GARAGE is a place of storage. If in the dream your garage is loaded with so much stuff that you can hardly walk, the dream is telling you that you have to much clutter in your life. It could mean that you are trying to do too much in your life.
The DOOR speaks of a pathway, it speaks of entry. Keys of a door represent access to an area or a place that you have never had access to before. If you have a key or a bunch of keys you must ask what is this key giving me access to or who is giving me the key or where is the key, which place is it in. Now you have the key the door is now giving you access to an area of your life. If you open the door and all you see is dogs and cats then your life is infested with demonic activity and you need deliverance. Because you have opened the door, you have the key to that, you have caused this because of your connection to something that you are involved in. Someone had a dream where there were deep holes in the back garden. The person would dream of these deep holes every other night. The setting was dark and every night the holes were dug. Holes that you see are being dug or holes that are already dug or the holes are dug and someone is burying something in it, you must take note of what they are burying in it especially if the dirt is dark and dirty. The dream speaks of witchcraft or is a symbol of wickedness. Any dream that shows something of yours being buried is speaking of burying your destiny. If you see your picture or passport being buried, your passport speaks of your identity, no one will recognise you in the future. You have to cancel such a dream and pray, ‘Father whatever they are doing in the realm of the spirit, whatever altars have been projected against my destiny to make others reject me or to refuse me, I arrest that spirit along with those practitioners at the altar and the works on that altar that identify me or the images or the pictures be consumed by the fire of God.’  

Bridges Tunnels and Caves


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Below is a list of places that could represent a church. They could also represent other things in a dream.
 could represent a church that is productive and is getting the job done. It could be a church where people are working together.
 or a store could have a positive or a negative meaning. If it is a positive dream and you are purchasing fruit and veg it could represent your involvement in the church that is quite fruitful and it is a place that you can receive some spiritual nourishment. If it is negative and you are buying unhealthy food like junk food that could represent a church that teaches things that is not quite spiritually healthy and not beneficial to you.
 could represent a church that is meek and humble. It could also represent a church that has limited or no resources and they are in a season where they totally have to rely on God. It could be a church that is going through a period of struggle where they do not have a whole lot.
A CIRCUS OR A CARNIVAL could represent a church that likes to put on a show. A church that likes to perform in front of others. This type of church would not have much spiritual depth. They could also be carnally minded.
A NIGHTCLUB OR A BAR in the negative, could represent a fleshly type church or a church that is in darkness. This type of church has a spirit of revelry. In the positive, it could mean that this type of church is drunk in the spirit.
A RESTAURANT could represent a church that serves people.
A HOTEL could be a church that is in transition.
If in the dream you are in a SWIMMING POOL and you are swimming with others, this could represent a church that flows in the spirit. Water in the dream can represent the Holy Spirit or the Word of God.
A mall could be a church that has many ministries within a church.
could represent a church that is spiritually dead. The church is spiritually dry. It could represent a religious spirit that is operating in the church. A church that is not spirit filled.


   In the Book of Revelation, it says that the garments that people wore were the righteous acts of the saints. It’s the things they were doing, it’s their acts of righteousness. The righteousness had to do with the fact that they were white garments. But the clothes were the acts, and so clothes represent something that you're doing. Maybe a gifting that you have or an ability that you have. So, the type of clothes is important. Wearing shorts could mean that something is being exposed and that could be good or bad. It could mean that something is cut off and it’s only partially fulfilled, that you are not walking in all you were called to walk in. Or it could be just saying you are in a real comfortable place. The colour of clothing is very important. Wearing clothes of another culture could mean that you are being called to that culture, that there is something that you're supposed to do.


The ROBE could represent a mantle. It could indicate a special gifting or a particular role that the dream plays in life. It could represent authority or levels or authority. It could represent righteousness. They tend to be good elements in a dream.

HATS can represent your identity, your calling, your role in life and a gifting that you have.

HELMETS can represents salvation, guarding your thought life.

PANTS could represent walking in your purpose. The colour of the pants will help determine the meaning of the dream as well as the material of the pants.

A SUIT can represent a business because many business people wear suits, or the office of a pastor.

SOCKS relate to your walk like your shoes. However, they represent things that closely relate to your walk. They can represent the little things that can enhance or hinder your spiritual walk.

The COAT is similar to robes. They tend to represent a mantle or an anointing, a gifting or calling. Coats can also represent protection.

UNDERWEAR can represent humility, or being taught humility. God could be making you transparent. Having a dream that you are naked could represent transparency. Underwear could mean that you feel inadequate or unprepared to carry out a task or to walk in your life’s calling.

WEDDING DRESS tends to represent a covenant relationship with God.

HOODIE could represent a covering or hiding something. It could represent dishonour, even being ashamed of something in your life. It can also represent being fearful or it could represent mourning because it is covering the head.

VEST tends to represent a need to protect or guard your heart.

PYJAMAS/NIGHTGOWN could represent being unprepared, being spiritually unaware of what’s going on. The person could be in a state of apathy. Could also be in a state of relaxation.



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   The seven colours of the rainbow is often mentioned in the Bible. Colours come from white light and light emanated from God’s throne. Colours in dreams can have a positive or negative meaning.

BLUE could represent revelation, communion with God, or it could represent something heavenly. Why is this so? When you come to God’s throne you will find blue, it’s the sapphire stone. When Moses went up onto the mountain with the seventy of the elders and they sat down and had a meal with God, they had a meal on a sapphire pavement. Johns saw that as a sapphire sea, as smooth as glass in front of the throne. So, it represents that place of communing with God. Negatively, the colour blue could represent sorrow, or grief, or depression, and anxiety. To determine whether it is positive or negative, will depend on the context of the dream. 

WHITE can represent purity, righteousness, cleansing or even the spirit of the Lord. Negatively, it could represent false Christianity or a religious spirit. 

RED can represent power, anointing and wisdom. Negatively it can represent anger and war. Why do we say wisdom and anointing? It actually comes out the blood of Jesus which is red. To the negative, anger leads to war and war leads to blood.

GREEN can represent prosperity, growth or the conscious or the spirit. Negatively it can represent envy, jealousy, pride or the flesh. It can also represent immaturity, something not ripe or ready. 

YELLOW can represent hope, the gift of God. It can represent courage, the mind or the glory of God. Negatively it can indicate fear or cowardice and caution. God will use metaphors that are familiar to us so that we can understand him. So culturally yellow could mean a yellow streak in a person, relating to fear.

PURPLE can represent authority, kingship or great wealth. Negatively it can represent false authority or immorality. 

ORANGE can represent perseverance, transition or change. Negatively it can represent stubbornness or being strong willed. 

PINK can represent love, emotions, femininity or passion. Negatively it can represent hate or immaturity. 

BROWN can represent compassion and humility. Negatively it can represent flesh or humanism. 

GOLD can represent refining or purity, holiness and even the glory of God. Negatively it can represent idolatry, defilement or immorality.

SILVER can represent redemption. Negatively it can represent legalism, slavery or domination.

BLACK can represent death to self. Negatively it can represent sin, death or famine.

GREY is a mixture of black and white. It can represent something where the lines are blurred. Grey also represent maturity because people’s hair turns grey as they get older. Proverbs talks about hair representing maturity and wisdom. First look at scripture to find meaning to the colour then look at life experiences to help you understand the meaning.




A dreamer had a dream that took her back to her childhood home. The dream was in black and white until she opened the fridge. The fruit in the fridge was in vivid colour. She couldn’t decide what to eat so she closed the fridge door. When she did this the dream became colourless again. She went outside and met someone from her past. They started talking then they started arguing. This person from her past did not get along with her. As they were arguing in the dream the dreamer woke up. So, this dream was colourless and had colour. Why is this so?

   The interpretation is that God was showing her that she needed to take in the fruit of the Spirit, particularly the fruit of love and longsuffering towards this individual.

   If in the dream the colours are bright and vivid then this dream would be from God.


This is the message which we have heard from Him and declare to you, that God is light and in Him is no darkness at all.

1 John 1:5


The colours in these vivid dreams have a positive meaning. Some dreams have dark or dull colours which would indicate that your light is not really shining. There are negative issues that are preventing them from shining. In the dream you would apply the negative meaning to the colour. For example, if you are wearing a red shirt and it is bright you would apply the positive meaning. We know that red represents power, anointing or wisdom. If the red is dull or muted then we would apply the negative meaning, so our power is weak and we have a low level of wisdom. Such a thing is called dark light.


But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

Matthew 6:23


A dark light is a low light in a dark place. For example, a red light in a photographers’ dark room. We know that demons and the devil operate in darkness as in Ephesians 6:12. So, dark light would come from demons or the devil. If the dream is colourless, and you have difficulty remembering them, then God is showing you that the colour is not important. If in the dream is in black and white and the colours black and white stands out then it would have a meaning. Black and white dreams are not the same as colourless dreams. There are three types of colourless dreams.



These dreams emanate from your soul. It comprises of the mind the will and emotions. 


 These are dreams where you are fighting someone or have a shoot-out. These spiritual warfare dreams tend to be colourless. Some will have dull or muted colours in them. 



These dreams come from the enemy like nightmares. There will be no colours in dreams coming from the demonic realm.



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   A crash is something hitting something else. In a dream it could be where you were in a car crash or you saw a car crash or a plane crash. A crash talk about conflict so you have to ask what kind of conflict? Did it crash into another car? It could be two ministries or two different people that are having conflict. Did it crash into a tree? A tree usually represents a leader so it could be talking about having conflict with leadership. Did it crash into a building or did it run off the road? Did it lose control? What caused the crash? This can tell you what kind of conflict you are dealing with. When a plane falls out of the sky that is not necessarily about a conflict but about its inability to accomplish its purpose. It could be talking about an ending of something, especially if there’s a crash where someone dies. When something dies that usually means that something has come to an end.



   Dreams about natural disasters could have a positive or a negative meaning. It could represent a warning of something to come.
 in a dream could represent judgment that is coming to a certain area or a certain community. It can represent a person or an issue that is about to erupt. God is giving you warning about that. It could represent the dreamer having some sort of pent up anger or is about to explode. They could be under tremendous amount of pressure in their life.
 can represent sudden destruction or a person who is easy to explode with anger. It could be talking about the dreamer or someone else in the dream who is about to explode. It could also be a warning of something to come or judgment.
FLOODS can have a positive or negative meaning. With a positive meaning, it can represent a revival that’s about to happen. Water can represent the Holy Spirit, the word of God. So, a flood can represent an overflow of Gods spirit that’s coming to a particular group or a particular region. It could represent a time of harvest or a time of prosperity. Negatively, it can represent the judgment of God that is coming to a particular group. It could represent a massive attack from the enemy. 
A TSUNAMI is similar to a flood but on a magnified level. It could represent a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that’s coming to a community or region. It can represent sudden destruction that’s coming from the enemy. The outcome of the dream will tell whether the tsunami has a good or bad meaning.

DROUGHTS are a lack of water. It could represent a lack of the flow of the Spirit of God in your life or a lack of the Word of God on the inside of you and God is giving you warning about that. It could represent a financial drought, a lack of finances. It could represent a season of testing or a season of trial. It could also represent a time of judgment that is coming to the life of the dreamer.

EARTHQUAKES can have a positive or a negative meaning. Positively, it can represent a revival that’s coming. It can represent the voice of God or something that is ground breaking. It could represent something that is new to the life of the dreamer, something that the dreamer has never done or seen or never even heard of. It could represent judgment that is coming to a particular area or place.  With an earthquake things get shaken, this could be a negative thing, where we lose our footing, where things begin to break, where structures begin to fall down. 

   In Hebrews 12:27 Now this, “Yet once more,” indicates the removal of those things that are being shaken, as of things that are made, that the things which cannot be shaken may remain. God brings shaking into lives, into cities, into churches and into nations so that those things that are not built on kingdom will not stand.


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DOORS gives us access into a place, into a house, into a room or into a building. So, doors give us access or opportunity into or out of a particular place. It could mean entering into something new into your life. It could be a new place, career, church or ministry. A door can represent transition from one season of your life and into another season. Some dreamers have opened the door to go outside and it is winter and then they go in the back yard and its summertime. It could be a way of escape or exit. A door can represent a portal. They tend to represent an opening into the spirit realm. It can represent the heart.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.
Revelation 3:20

 Jesus is talking about the door of your heart. A door can represent Jesus himself, John 10:9, ‘I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture.’ Jesus is saying that he is the way to God the Father and salvation is gained by Jesus alone. Pay attention to how the door looks, is it big or thin? What colour is the door? Does it have a knob, chain or handle on the door?

GATES are similar to doors in that it gives us access into and out of a place or a space. However, there is a difference because they do not open up into a building, house, or into a room. They are usually attached to fences or walls. They give access onto a property or into a city. You can have a city gate. Spiritually a gate can open up into a realm. A gate in a dream can represent power and authority. In biblical time’s important business transactions and legal matters took place at the city gate, 

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.
Matthew 16:18

Jesus is saying that the power of Satan or demonic power would not be able to overcome or overtake the power that he has placed in the church. The gate can represent the spirit realm.

The BACK YARD is often talking about back issues. Going out of the back door is talking about going into your history, going into your past. It could be the past of your blood line, maybe it’s your grandparent’s house so it could be something in your generation line. It could be your past for the house tells you what past it is. 
SIDE YARD is often talking about what is going on right now. It’s your current issues, current things. 
FRONT YARD or the front porch is usually what’s going on in the future. Maybe you're seeing what's coming down the road. This is especially if you are sitting on your front porch or looking out your front door and seeing what is happening. If someone is trying to come in your front door and you are not letting them in, then that is not talking about your future that is talking about access.


Dream in Dream


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   A dream within a dream is very important because it holds a deep message from God. These type of dreams should be interpreted from the inside out; in other words, the inner dream holds the core message of what God is saying. The outer dream supports the message of the inner dream. For example, someone had a dream sitting in a stadium filled with thousands of people and everybody was waiting for a worldwide celebrity to make his appearance. While waiting the dreamer struck up a conversation with the man sitting next to him. He enjoyed the chat then realised that he was speaking to the celebrity. He was shocked because the man was not what he expected. He was very down to earth, very warm and very friendly. At that time the dreamer woke up and realised that he was dreaming. His phone rang and when he answered the phone it was his father. His father wanted to meet with him for lunch that day however, he was too busy and the dreamer couldn’t meet with him that day but maybe another day. Now the dreamer really woke up. 

   In the inner dream the celebrity represented God himself and he was showing the dreamer that he desires to have a more one to one personal relationship with him. The dreamer perceives God to be larger than life and a being that needs to be shared with millions of people, hence the large stadium and the thousands of people in it. In the outer dream the dreamer’s biological father also represented God the Father who was letting the dreamer know that he wants to spend more time with him, to have a more intermit relation with him. However, the dreamer was allowing things to get in the way of him spending more time with the Lord. So you can see how the message in the inner dream was confirmed and supported from the message in the outer dream.


The FIRST TYPE is where the inner dream is showing the feelings of the dreamer. The dreamer maybe feeling some type of fear or anger. It could be showing what the dreamer believes or how the dreamer is seeing things. The outer dream could be showing God’s will or heart towards the dreamer. It is like being opposite to what is being played out in the inner dream. It could also be reversed.

    SECONDLY the inner dream could be God revealing to the dreamer what he needs to know. The outer dream could be showing the actions or outcome of that particular event. The inner dream could be showing the dreamer something negative about their life and the outer dream the consequences of that behaviour. The reverse is also true. The dreamer could be doing something positive in the inner dream and the outer dream shows the reward for those action.

   THIRDLY you can have a dream embedded within a dream. Here you are dreaming and you go and lay down and start to dream. Then you wake up and go back into the dream you started in. Here the dream starts with the outer dream.


Dying in your dream or seeing someone else dying can create a strong emotional response when you wake up from your dream. What does it mean when you see someone die? Most of the time it is not a literal death. It is saying that something is coming to an end. It could be dying to self. Maybe there is something inside that needs to die. Maybe a part of their sin nature. It could be talking about a change of season. Maybe you see a friend dying but it is not talking about a physical death but a separation. They could be moving to another place and that relationship is not going to be the same. The writer saw somebody dying in a dream and they lost a job. That job was important to them and it was like a part of their identity dying.

   There are times in a dream when that person is going to die. It can be helpful because some people need help with the transition. They need to deal with things so that they have peace during the transition. Maybe they need to know Jesus before they die. How do you know it is actually a death? Usually, but not in every case, if you see blood, it is an actual death. Usually, but not always, if you see a funeral it could mean actual death. When you wake up you should ask the Lord, is it literal or is it not. A clue is, if you are very fearful in the dream and you wake up and you still have the fear, it is a fear dream from the enemy and not an actual death. When this happens pray against it. The enemy is trying to give you fear or God has allowed you to see the plans of the enemy. Either way it is not for you to accept it but to stand against it so that it does not happen. 

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