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I saw in the visions of my head while on my bed, and there was a watcher, a holy one, coming down from heaven.

Daniel 4:13 (NKJ)

The Watchers Chapel

My Theology

My theology is influenced by the Bible, my dreams and visions and God’s direct communication with me. Because of this it is not your typical Bible view.


Here are some of the things that I believe


We do not inherit the sins of Adam and Eve but we inherit their nature. I believe that Adam and Ever were primitive in nature and civilised at the same time. We have inherited both these natures. It is our primitive native that causes us to commit crimes and our civilised nature to be creative and do good.


   I believe that everyone under the age of 20 will be saved. It will be by the grace of God. I believe that the Book of Exodus, illustrates this. When the Jews sinned against God and He would not allow them to enter the promised land, those under the age of 20 were spared because they were not guilty of the sins of their fathers. So everyone that dies before that age, even unborn children will be saved and be with God.


Not everyone needs to be ‘born again’ to be saved and be with God. He has shown me that there are those who do not follow Jesus but are his friends who will be saved. He has shown me that those who helps a Christian, even though they do not know, Jesus, will be rewarded. Also the Lord has shown me that it is possible to prayer for those who have died to be saved.


On the other hand


Those who had known God through Jesus and then rejects Him will be destroyed.


Those who hates God and do not believe in Him after becoming aware of Him, will be destroyed.


Jews and Gentiles

  Symbolically Jews are seen as sheep and Gentiles, that is non-Jews, as dogs. Jesus is the shepherd. The relationship can be transposed to human beings and is seen in the distinction between the Old and New Testament.

   The dog as a pet can perform many tasks. When directed by the Shepherd it can protect the sheep against wolves and other beasts. This is why we see casting out of demons, healings and other miracles in the New Testament. Those of the Old Testament cannot understand this because they are sheep and have a different nature.

The role of the Gentile is not to become a sheep but to protect the sheep. The role of the sheep is only understood by the sheep and the Shepherd so I cannot comment on this because I am a Gentile. However, there is a saying, ‘A wolf in sheep clothing.’ I believe there are indeed amongst the sheep, wolves in sheep clothing.    

   There is an illustration in our modern history. Hitlers Nazi party, who were the wolves, tried to exterminate the Jews, the sheep, but they were rescued by Gentile dogs.


Gays and Lesbians

   God does not hold their nature against them. He has shown me this in a dream. When I first started out as a Christian believe that they were wrong. However, the Lord used one of my brothers as an example. My skin is brown because I am from the Caribbean (actually Guyana) and at school was subject to a lot of racial abuse. In the dream I challenged my brother by asking him how he felt when he was racially abused. Because of this I have stopped speaking against gays and lesbians.


There are many faiths, which one is right?

   God communicated to me one day that there are two types of powers in operation today. The power that man exerts over man and the power that God exerts over man.

  The faith that can openly demonstrate the power of God is the true faith.

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